The new single from Cloud is finally here!

Foliage explores the theme of loss and feeling left behind in a place of grief. Through its instrumentation and production, Foliage places you within an environment you can't escape, the thick rainforest of self reflection and sorrow. Probably her most intimate song to date, Foliage marks Clouds progression as a songwriter and producer and gathers excitement for her upcoming debut album 'Equivocal'.


Cloud's music is an exploration of electronic music production with ambient vocals, creating a tranquil and intriguing sound. Blending a penchant for deep, resonant bass with technically crafted composition and evocative vocals, Cloud's Bristol roots are clear, with inspiration drawn from bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead. This fusion embodies a modern take on what Cloud believes pop music should be, to bring creativity and control into the hands of the artist themselves, proving there is still space for independence and authenticity in an every growing, commercial world. 



Cloud Albatross EP cover.jpg

The debut EP Albatross is an expressive production combined with an aura of tranquility, exploring the experience of individual growth and transition. The EP has achieved international radio play and received praise from Island Records and BBC Introducing establishing Cloud as an artist commencing her journey.

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